Sunday, August 4, 2013

Consumerism is a part of me. Le sigh!

Oh, right. The morning after I was right outside of Michael's (it's next to ULTA, which is bad for my pocketbook) they email me a new sales ad with storage boxes on sale. And a 40% coupon which might make their price for Golden Matte Medium cheap enough to warrant buying instead of getting from Dick Blick online. Sheesh! Guess I'll have to make another trip into town sometime before the sale is up... ;)  I may have put myself on a hold from buying art supplies unless it's a very intentional buy, but storage is still fair game when I have all kinds of stuff to contain. Right now most of it is strewn across my bedroom floor... reminds me of being a kid all over again! Yes, Mom, there's a pathway to walk at least! ;D

I never intended for my blog title of "Lootin' Shinies" to encourage me to post about things I obtain IRL. Only in WoW. Huh, did I do that subliminally to myself? Well then, at least it fits! However, I think I'm going to clean up the symbols around the title... or add more! Mwahaha!

Last night I got a free cup of coffee from Starbucks by turning in one of my empty bags from ground coffee. Starbucks is discontinuing this program and the newer bags allow you to put a star on your Starbucks card towards a free drink, which is fine because I rarely actually turn in the bags for a free coffee since I make regular coffee at home all the time anyway. But a special Starbucks drink every now and then after like 15 bags of coffee? Alright, I can jive with that. Anyhow, when I get hot coffee at Starbucks, it's always so freaking scalding hot that I let it sit awhile to avoid tongue burninating. Last night I decided to just bring it home and plop it in the fridge instead, so this morning I have effort-free cold coffee. Woohoo!

I must have listened to this song about 10 times yesterday, and woke up with it in my head. Between this, Treasure, and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," my in-the-car radio-flipping has been pretty much the same three songs every time I go anywhere. Not that I mind - I dig high-energy, peppy songs like those!

Now, you could watch that video, or the uncensored version (complete with boobies!), orrr you could go for the adorable version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing classroom instruments!

There is something about these guys jamming together that just makes me incredibly happy.

Between arting, writing here, reading more, and just generally being inspired, I feel alive. That's a weird thing to say, since obviously I'm alive if I'm typing this and all, but there's that inner glowing feeling of joy and serenity and excitement that only pops it's head up once in awhile. Thank you to whatever is causing it, because it feels pretty nice. I'm going to roll with it today and hope it sticks around for awhile.


  1. Love "burninating." What a great word. I, too, like cold coffee. Never thought of putting mine in the fridge. Might try that. I liked reading your post and love that your feeling that inner glow.

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for your kind words :) "Burninating" comes to my vocabulary from the Homestar Runner comic here: Trogdorrrrrr! :)

  2. YES!!! Thank you for saying it! I have never understood the reason coffee has to be THAT hot (or any hot beverage...tea, cocoa, whatever). Who in the world says to themselves, "Yes, I think I'll have my drink boiling lava hot...I do love it when my tongue flesh gets scalded off!" I'm not saying I want everything lukewarm, but there has to be a happy medium between tepid and stroke-inducingly hot!