Saturday, June 22, 2013

Warcraft + Etsy = epic loots!

Ohhh man you guys, I'm so excited after looking at all the Warcrafty stuff on etsy for the first time since my last WoW etsy post! *squee* *flail* So. much. awesome. STUFF!

I have a total "thing" for metallic blue, as well as shiny ribbon, so this hearthstone ornament caught my eye!

This collection of Winter Veil themed ornaments is adorable. Check out that cranky snowman, complete with the eyebrows!

PERKY PUG! Back in my ol' raiding group, we'd all summon our pugs for butt-scooty luck.

 Look. at. this. moonkin. So cuuuuuuuuute! I wanna snuggle it!

Horde and Alliance aprons! Get your cooking up to 600 in style!

I would totally put a little picture of mine and my boyfriend's main characters in this locket.

Thralls Balls necklace. 'Nuff said.

I'm not normally a pin person, since I end up stabbing myself with them one way or another. But, I'd totally try stabbing this pin on my purse or something to represent my pretty blood elf!

This picture frame is a display piece in itself, who needs a picture in it!? Really, really cool, especially since Brewfest always holds a place in my heart as the holiday title was the first title I ever got.

Warglaives + glow in the dark + hair accessory + @overlord_bunny = awesome.

Now, I probably won't be going around repping Alliance anytime soon (even though I have a baby alt on Aerie Peak with Convert to Raid, shhhh don't tell anyone), but if I were, it'd be with these earrings.

I'd be way more likely to wear these Horde banner earrings instead. ;D

Now, Panser has some WoW-themed stuff on her etsy shop, but she has lots of other stuff too and she's just awesome and *fangirl squeeflail* But she also has signed photos of herself for purchase. That would be my first purchase from her shop, for sure! (If you don't know who Panser is, she makes videos on her YouTube channel TradeChat about WoW and other stuff.)

Um, you guys. Draenei horn headband. YOU CAN BE A DRAENEI. Holy moly! Can you imagine wearing these to Blizzcon?

...alrighty, now that my case of The Wants has been completely refilled and I wish I had all the money in the world like Gwen Stefani, and I've been a total enabler to empty your wallet (oops, sorry!) I'm going to try to avoid taking my credit card out of my purse and buying ALL THE THINGS in this post.

Are you an etsy seller and a WoW player? Leave a comment so I can include your shop in a later post! :D