Sunday, September 16, 2012


Apparently I have gotten into the habit of napping. But instead of taking, say, a 20min nap and waking up rested, my body says, "you're exhausted!" and I lay in my comfy bed and crash for hours, entirely messing up my sleep schedule, which causes me to "nap" even more the next few days.

My problem, right now, is that I finally seem to have gotten back on a "normal" (wow, I'm using a lot of quotes today) sleep schedule and am getting that urge to crawl back in bed and sleep. But, I don't want to ruin this awesomeness of being able to wake naturally rested around sunrise. SO, what should I do? What could help me power through this feeling of heavy eyelids?

Considering I've only ingested coffee today, maybe eating something would help. Or exercising. Or taking a shower. I KNOW these things can generally perk me up when I do them on the regular. But there's the opposite that can also occur - they could male me just want to nap even more!

Alas. Building routines can be a struggle, but sooo worth it. What makes this entire situation worse is that I know I am stressed out about upcoming tests this week that I have been sorely procrastinating studying for. Could the desire to nap be an avoidance behaviour? I mean, if I am asleep, I don't have to think about studying and the huge weight of UGH that feels like on my back right now.

So ends my rambles for the moment. I think some food sounds like a good start to trying to AVOID the bed! haha. Taking care of yourself as an adult can be hard. Why is it so much easier to take care of others, but not ourselves?