Thursday, August 29, 2013

Erm, how is August almost over already?

Effy's Blogalong for August is almost over, and I totally fell off the bandwagon. Much like a pattern I have when starting anything new, I go gung-ho at the start, almost overboard. Then it feels like I've used up all my brain and stop cold turkey. I guess I should work on that. :)

But, I still feel like the purpose of the blogalong worked: blogging, for me, is a thing now. It's inspired me to elaborate on my thoughts, and think more deeply on how the media I consume on a daily basis effects me personally... among other things.

This snippet from The Oatmeal totally summarizes my experience lately, though. Sometimes, no matter how much I want to write, when I sit in front of a blank screen my brain goes all "duhhhhhhh" at me. So, I've allowed myself to keep on inputting stuff in my brain, and letting the output come when I'm inspired.

Effy vlogged about the importance of keeping your practice. - this is a really great reminder that it helps to be grounded in your practice, and to find a practice that helps ground you for when situations in life get all poopy.

Becky made some AWESOME gaming-inspired cakes!! - sugar and gaming go together like Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Zoe muses on letting go of perfectionism with your art journaling. - the simple act of art journaling is the thing I love most about it. I can start with something on a page and end up with something entirely different by the end. It's really amazing what kind of journeys you go on when you just open up and allow the creative juices to flow by slapping down some paint and glue without worrying about what it "should" look like.

Gabrielle Bernstein talks about how to maintain your sense of self when you fall in love. - this is a huge one for me. I wish we were all taught this as children. It's such an important message. I re-watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Data installs a romance program to be in a relationship and totally changes everything about himself that made homegirl like him in the first place. He became a huge creeper, too. >_<

Ivy Moon made an awesome video about her goals and dreams. - Not only is she radiant, but I totally share some of her dreams and goals so this video hit home for me. I really like how she collected her ideas and put them out into the universe this way.

Halcyon talks about the idea of snark vs. sparkle at Burning Man, but I think it applies to life, too. :)

Before I overwhelm you with awesome stuff to read and watch, I'll leave it at that for today. Enjoy! :D

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

♪ Music to My Ears! ♪

Things like this are what amuses me throughout my day: While sitting at a red light in my car, I picked up my bottle of water and opened the cap. As I lifted it to my mouth to take a sip, the song on the radio, "Give It Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, sang, "drink a little wah-tah!" Heeee. :)

I've always loved the color scheme (if you want to call it that) of this video. GLITTERY and SHINY and METALLIC oh yes

Ian pointed out that this song and video is now over 20 years old. WHAT. How. 1991 wasn't that long ago, was it?! AUGH! *feels old* (even though I got told at a doctor visit today I look 16. I'm going to totally go back to high school like that Drew Barrymore movie current high schoolers totally wouldn't know about, wahhh)

Okay, time to not feel so old: NEW MUSIC! WEEEEEE!

I heard Katy Perry's new song "Roar" on the radio, too, and ...I think I like it. Not really for the music, but I like the lyrics a lot. And now that I've watched her lyric video for it, I might just like it even more... emojis and OMG KITTY at the end!

Cuuuuuuuuuuute :D

Another new song I'm like eeeeeeeeeeeee! super duper squeal-y excited about is Lady Gaga's "Applause." Okay, so I admit, I have a poster of Lady Gaga in my closet. Not because I'm a closet Gaga fan, haha, but because looking at her when I'm picking out my clothes inspires me and makes me happy. I kinda love her. :)  So my expectations for her new music are like WAAAAAAY up there. So on my first listen, I'm not as squeeful as I expected to be, but that's okay. I'm waiting for someone to make a remix that focuses on bringing out what I hear as the Marilyn Manson style in her voice. Or, a dubstep remix, because right after the "applause" x54695867 lyric build-up, I feel like there could totally be a gnarly dubstep breakdown.

But yeah, tell me this promo video doesn't give you a Manson-style creepy vibe!

And this outfit?

Aaand here's the song itself:

I can't wait to see a music video for this (soooooooooon). This song is an example of one where I'm kind of "eh" about the lyrics but I can see it being something good to listen to while running or exercising to get yourself totally pumped up.

But yeah, I think if anyone can mix Manson and Dubstep, it'd be Gaga. Either way, I'm totally looking forward to more of her new "ARTPOP" era.

And somehow this turned into a music post. Weeeee! I find there are very few "top hits" that I enjoy as I get older, but with music on the internet it's so much easier to find independent and obscure singers and bands that make my ears happy.

Are there any new-to-you songs or bands lately that you just can't get enough of?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rain + no coffee = oh crap I slept all day

Happy Sunday y'all!

Ah, it's been rainy and stormy here. This not only makes my face feel like it's in a vice (thanks, sinuses!) but it makes me sleeeeeepy. The sound of rain is so soothing! So, I ended up sleeping pretty much all day yesterday, between the rain and drinking no coffee. Oops. So then I slept more last night, woke up and had some coffee this morning, and since it's still rainy I totally want to just crawl in bed but I am trying my best to stay awake! The cats make it look so alluring and comfy though... *sigh* I am constantly battling my Circadian Rhythm. Just like my dancing rhythm, it appears I have none.

Since it's Sunday, I'm feeling inspired. Here are some inspire-y bits I've found around the web lately!

I really like this quote from Marianne Williamson that was posted on her Facebook: The ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace." The spirit says, "Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place."

You may have heard of Michael Pollen's 7 Words and 7 Rules for Eating. They resonate a lot with me, and I especially like the one about not eating anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. It makes me giggle to think of mine coming along with me to the grocery store and oogling in the aisles. Sometimes I feel as fascinated as they might be when I look at all the prepackaged stuff. Darn newfangled contraptions! *shakes fist in air* hee hee.

I really like this article: The Try Something New Manifesto. Ever since I first read it, I have tried to incorporate trying new things into my daily life. Branching out of my comfort zone is a little scary sometimes but for the most part it's exciting to accomplish something different!

Lately I have been totally enamoured by Joanna Devoe, who I recently found via her podcast when searching iTunes for witchy and pagan things. She reminds me a lot of myself when it comes to the merge of pagan and new thought kind of ideas.

Wise words from Gabrielle Bernstein.

I hope you have an awesome day! Namaste :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

“I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Apparently today I am channeling my inner foodie nerd, because today has been all about food!

I have a tendency to graze when at home with no real meal plan. I ended up focusing on trying to use up the fresh foods in the fridge because food waste is one of my biggest pet peeves. I mean c'mon Past Cara, why did you leave just one slice of Swiss cheese in the drawer? Oh well, Present Cara enjoyed it well enough. :)


I always forget how good these taste until I eat one and then want to immediately eat another one. This is what I ate this morning to put something in my belly before I felt like cooking. Some flavors of Larabars I'm not a fan of, some are okay, but this one is seriously my favorite. Ian's a fan of the pecan pie flavor, but for some reason it's hard to find around here. These babies are usually $1-2 each, so I stock up when they're on sale for $1 or less with a coupon.

Recently I decided to make my own Ranch dressing/dip. (Still working on the ratios of ingredients my tastebuds prefer, I'll share it when it comes out perfect!) One of the ingredients was buttermilk, which is used to thin it out from a dip into a dressing. Welp, we ate the whole batch as a dip with cut up veggies, so I had this little container of buttermilk left in the fridge that I just realized needed to be used. So, I searched my trusty Evernote - my recipe collection database of choice - for recipes that used buttermilk.

I ended up trying this recipe for Amish Cinnamon Bread. I halved it since I only own one loaf pan, but it didn't turn out exactly like I remember from my day of eating endless amounts of Amish Cinnamon Bread from having a zillion starters. Maybe next time I will use the batter in muffins instead of a loaf, since it took so long for the loaf to set the batter, it made the edges a bit dry. As you can see in the picture, the top layer of cinnamon sugar became it's own monster, too. Muffins might fare a little better! But, I don't know that I have a whole cup of buttermilk left so I will use one of my other recipes that use less this go 'round.

As you can see, I had a cooking fail today, too. I was trying to use up the garlic left in the house. Some of it I had peeled and put in a container in the fridge for the convenience of not having to peel it when you want to use some in cooking, but apparently if you do that and leave it in there too long it starts to grow. Oops! I grabbed the other few cloves that weren't peeled, too, and cut it all up and threw it in a pan, covered 'em in olive oil, and tossed them in the oven. Buuuuuuuuuuuut I totally didn't cover them with enough oil because they kinda scorched. Gross. Ah well, at least I tried! Sometimes cooking is just about trial and error, and learning from your errors - especially the inedible ones.

The bit about trying, that's a big one for me. Because my boyfriend is an amazing cook, and talented, he can cook anything 3x as fast as I could, and 3x better, too. So I get discouraged when it comes to even bothering attempting to cook because it feels like a waste of time and ingredients. But I go through phases where I just have this random inspiration to get in the kitchen and Just Do It. I am thankful when I have enough energy to do that! Sometimes it's all I can do to microwave something, so actually preparing "real food" makes me really happy.

I admire people who call themselves Kitchen Witches, because I do find that cooking can be a sacred, spiritual act. I think part of my desire to cook sometimes has to do with that, to be part of the alchemical process of turning a bunch of ingredients into something else totally different. I mean, that cinnamon bread wasn't anything like bread when it was a pile of ingredients on the counter. People who say magic doesn't exist apparently have never tried baking something from scratch! When I kept poking the skewer through the middle of the loaf to check if it would come out clean to tell that it was done, and it would be gooey, I'd pout and set the timer for another 10 minutes. And all of a sudden, after doing that what seemed like 8 times because my oven is finicky and in dire need of a good cleaning, it went from gooey to fluffy. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!? Okay, I know there's science behind it, but thinking of it as magic makes it so much more fun!

I attempted one other cooking feat today that actually worked: we had a green bell pepper in the fridge, as well as a medium-sized onion. I cut them both up into fajita-style strips and cooked them in the oven for awhile till they were floppy. Next step? Wait for Boyfriend to get home from work and help me incorporate them into nachos. Is it mean that he cooks all day and then he comes home and cooks some more? Haha. That's part of what I want to be a better cook, too. Both he and Mario Batali have the same philosophy: the best tasting meal is one that is cooked by someone else for you.

I'll leave you with one last note of foody goodness: A new blog I am enjoying is fellow WoW player Ghemit's new project, Alone for Dinner. Check it out, and give it a follow, especially if you're around DC for local recommendations!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feeling more like Pinky, less like Brain

AUGH, WHAT?! I totally blanked on blogging yesterday! Nooooooooooooooo!

At least yesterday was a productive day! Ian helped me go through a ton of stuff cluttering up one of the rooms in our house and sort it into "action item" piles so I know what to do with the stuff instead of having it be one giant pile of things sprawled across a room. Yay! I don't feel like I have as much -stuff- when everything has a home.

Pretty much how I declutter... or buy things.


Every month, in World of Warcraft, there is an event called the Darkmoon Faire that allows players to get a buff to get extra experience. I like to level my alliance baby draenei warrior during this time, who is guilded with Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak-US. I've had a lot of fun also creating new transmog outfits quite often because gear upgrades are plentiful when you're leveling super fast! Here are my two most recent outfits:

Alliance and not happy about it!

Even WoW characters can ruin a good screenshot by blinking.

She's up to level 77 now! Not only is she the first melee class I've leveled this high, but the first alliance I've leveled this high! But of course, now that I'm getting into content with more challenging mechanics and thinking about raiding as a tank, I get just a little terrified. Maybe I'll switch to DPS down the line... I think I've only been enjoying tanking because Ian's such a good healer and can keep me alive while I mash buttons. (Yes, WoW friends, Ian is playing a healer... and I'm tanking... *picks your jaw up off floor*)

The other reason I have been enjoying playing her is in part due to my finally getting more into WoW lore and reading Rise of the Horde. I'm about halfway through and savoring every chapter, letting it simmer in my imagination after reading the words. It starts with some history of the eredar who will eventually become the draenei, and explains a lot more than I ever got about them than I did running around the starting zone. Yay, reading! Yay, books based on video games!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crunchy on the outside, squishy on the inside.

Warning: I promised a longer blog later, and here it is. Maybe a little too long. Wordy Worderson over here!

Today is Day 6 of our Blogalong with Effy Wild! Holy moly, six days already?! It's funny how blogging every day has helped me feel like the days are longer, because there's a record of -something- I've done each day. And yet time still feels like it's flying. Ah well. I've been loving writing, but also reading all the blogs posted by the awesome women over at The Glitterhood.

I posted a comment over at Glenda's blog, where she talked about spending vs. a limited budget and being creative with a limited amount of supplies. I said: The biggest thing for me when it comes to spending vs. not spending is constantly having to remind myself, "you have ENOUGH." It's that feeling of lack that I'm always battling. I -know- I am not lacking a darn thing, and yet that feeling is just ingrained in my psyche. It's not easy to overcome but the more you do, the more content you will be with -doing- things instead of -buying- things.

And despite that, I find myself working up a list and getting myself revved up to go out on the town again today... to buy things. Okay, not only to buy things, but to donate things to the thrift store, and purchase cat food. I mean, that's a necessity! But every To Do and To Buy on my list feels like a necessity, even though I know in my head things like paint or Vitamin Water or a new shirt aren't really a need but a want. Yes, I am privileged enough that I can buy these small things and feel like they are an improvement on my life, but how long will that feeling of pleasure from purchasing them last? I think my goal lately has not been so much to simply purchase things, but to purchase things that will continue to make me smile when I look at them on a daily basis in my home. Paint will help my house be spruced up when I use it, and Vitamin Water will make my brain happy for having flavor to drink. The new shirt is something I've thought over a couple of days and decided yes, I really do want it (if it's still there in my size once I go back to buy it, knowing my luck it won't be) - and considering the majority of the shirts in my closet are either years old or have holes in them or both, if I find something that fits my body, looks adorable, and is made well (I think I just figured out the Holy Trinity of clothes shopping there) then I should probably incorporate it into my wardrobe.

But then, those things could just as easily become blah after purchase. The paint could sit around guilting me every time I look at it that I don't have the energy to use it. The Vitamin Water could make me feel bad for buying a convenience drink when I could be putting in the effort to make iced tea. And the shirt might get a hole in it quickly (when you have cats, this is a fact of life), or shrink funny when I wash it, or sit in the back of my closet for whatever reason making me feel bad I spent the money on it and am not wearing it. I am fine as I am right now without these things in my life.

(Bitstrips on Facebook is awesome!)

Honestly, the whole thought process makes me not even want to leave the house. Why bother? I don't need those things. But I know that thought leads to me holing up in my house and sinking into a depressed state where finding the reasoning to go out to do anything is difficult. So, I get myself prettied up (because I like the process of playing with hair and makeup, not because I feel I have to put on makeup to go to the grocery store) and venture out into society to keep my energy up.

...does that mean I'm actually an extrovert? Hm.

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Welp, I'm back from my outing. Here's what I learned today:

Looking at jeans at the thrift store is more fun than trying on skinny jeans. Also, just because there is a pair of metallic silver, pointed toe, kitten heeled shoes at the thrift store for $2 doesn't mean you need a pair of metallic silver, pointed toe, kitten heeled shoes. Although Future Cara might dispute this non-purchase...

Vitamin Water is now on sale at Target, with a printable coupon on top of that. Aw yeah. And cat food is on sale at PetSmart. Yesss, buy ALL THE CANS of the one flavor my cats will eat! *raise arm in air triumphantly*

Just because your town has two Target's does not mean they both stock the same thing. That thing being the shirt you planned to buy. Hrmph!

I should have expected that the paint store employee would be an artist, even if it is just Benjamin Moore house paint. But a kind, helpful, woman artist who I recommended The Glitterhood to after a chat? Yay!

Dick Blick's website has Golden Matte Medium for cheaper than Michaels' has it with a 40% off store coupon. Why in the world is the price so inflated at Michael's!? Sheesh! (I used my 40% off coupon on a paintbrush instead. Gotta get that $3.99 brush EVEN. CHEAPER.)

The yellow color I've never used in my beloved Urban Decay palette I've had forever actually looks pretty nice. Been branching out of my comfort zone when it comes to makeup lately!

Being hungry will cut any shopping trip short, even if it's just to come home and chow down on cottage cheese while watching Lindsay Lohan host Chelsea Lately. (I root for that woman to succeed! Stay clean, guuuurlfreyyyn.)

When your boyfriend says, "I have time to run out for a hug" sometimes he literally means he has to run to have that time! Ah, the life of a cook... and he still manages to spoil me. One simple example: Meatloaf sandwiches are tasty dinner, but even moreso when made with love. <3

Monday, August 5, 2013


I read this book:

Just like the webcomic, it made me giggle. A lot. Outloud. :)

And this one, but it was more of looking at pretty pictures than actual reading:

...I enjoyed both books. Yay!

Had a busy day today. Longer Letter Blog Later! Like, tomorrow.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Consumerism is a part of me. Le sigh!

Oh, right. The morning after I was right outside of Michael's (it's next to ULTA, which is bad for my pocketbook) they email me a new sales ad with storage boxes on sale. And a 40% coupon which might make their price for Golden Matte Medium cheap enough to warrant buying instead of getting from Dick Blick online. Sheesh! Guess I'll have to make another trip into town sometime before the sale is up... ;)  I may have put myself on a hold from buying art supplies unless it's a very intentional buy, but storage is still fair game when I have all kinds of stuff to contain. Right now most of it is strewn across my bedroom floor... reminds me of being a kid all over again! Yes, Mom, there's a pathway to walk at least! ;D

I never intended for my blog title of "Lootin' Shinies" to encourage me to post about things I obtain IRL. Only in WoW. Huh, did I do that subliminally to myself? Well then, at least it fits! However, I think I'm going to clean up the symbols around the title... or add more! Mwahaha!

Last night I got a free cup of coffee from Starbucks by turning in one of my empty bags from ground coffee. Starbucks is discontinuing this program and the newer bags allow you to put a star on your Starbucks card towards a free drink, which is fine because I rarely actually turn in the bags for a free coffee since I make regular coffee at home all the time anyway. But a special Starbucks drink every now and then after like 15 bags of coffee? Alright, I can jive with that. Anyhow, when I get hot coffee at Starbucks, it's always so freaking scalding hot that I let it sit awhile to avoid tongue burninating. Last night I decided to just bring it home and plop it in the fridge instead, so this morning I have effort-free cold coffee. Woohoo!

I must have listened to this song about 10 times yesterday, and woke up with it in my head. Between this, Treasure, and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," my in-the-car radio-flipping has been pretty much the same three songs every time I go anywhere. Not that I mind - I dig high-energy, peppy songs like those!

Now, you could watch that video, or the uncensored version (complete with boobies!), orrr you could go for the adorable version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing classroom instruments!

There is something about these guys jamming together that just makes me incredibly happy.

Between arting, writing here, reading more, and just generally being inspired, I feel alive. That's a weird thing to say, since obviously I'm alive if I'm typing this and all, but there's that inner glowing feeling of joy and serenity and excitement that only pops it's head up once in awhile. Thank you to whatever is causing it, because it feels pretty nice. I'm going to roll with it today and hope it sticks around for awhile.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


OH CRAP one hour left of 8/3 and I haven't blogged yet! D:  I guess that's what happens when I sleep in, then wake up and go out and about, then come home and eat and catch up with Boyfriend and then blog! haha! So, HI! :D

I battled the skinny jeans monster again today, in Kohl's, JCPenney's, and Target. Seriously, all jeans are skinny jeans now, it's just a matter of whether or not they are bootcut at the ankles. Can I just have some REGULAR jeans, please?! I am tired of losing my socks when I attempt to de-strangle my legs from these pants in the dressing room.

ULTA had a coupon for 20% off a styling tool that expired today, so I finally bought the hair dryer I have been eyeballing forever. Long ago, I decided I wanted it, then stupidly bought a travel one instead because it was cheaper. I immediately regretted it when I used it and it practically deafened me. I can't even stand to use it because it's just So. Freaking. Loud!!! But I'm hoping this New Shiny is much nicer... we shall see once I have a chance to use it.

I also got a brownie from Panera Bread because I had a free pastry on my card from my birthday!!!

Hee hee. But the best "score" of the day was at the library. *puts on nerd glasses* A whole bag of reading material to last me through the month, along with the audiobooks for the last two Hunger Games books and the Wrath of the Lich King artwork book (which I still don't know why the library bought but I am so happy they did! YAY!).


Friday, August 2, 2013

Boing, boing, boing

This song has been floating in my brainspace since I heard it on the radio recently:

...and the video is delightful! There's something about that song that makes me unable to be in a poopy mood while it's playing. So naturally:

Today is day #2 of Effy's Blogalong in August! Weeee! If you haven't read her post today, get your butt over to her blog and read it because it's uh-may-zing.

EverQuest Next premiered at SOE Live today, and holy moly. I haven't played EverQuest in many, MANY years, but it still made me intrigued enough that I forsee myself spending many hours back in Norrath.

In other gaming news, this article is pretty sweet. It demonstrates the Kinect's ability to recognize and translate sign language. I love living in the future! There's a short video showing it's capability and I'm just continually fascinated with the ability of gaming peripherals to be used in ways that could genuinely help people.

Both yesterday and today I've been in a very floaty, loopy brainspace that's making it hard to output well in writing. Or talking. Or anything, really!

Nightnight :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blessed Lughnasadh! :D

I woke up this morning feeling much like this:

and then I remembered...

Flipping the calendar...

Turning the wheel...

It's August! O_O

Lunasa! Lunasa! LUNASA!!!


I can't say Lammas without thinking of llamas and, well, llamaaaaaas! so we're going to go with Lughnasadh, or the simplified spelling of Lunasa which I really like because it looks like luna/lunar/the moooooooon.

But really. I haven't really ever had a big "thing" with Lughnasadh. I recognize the holiday, but I don't really ever feel the holiday, as much as I'd like to. I feel excited because it's a holiday, but when they are holidays based on an agrarian society and nature and I mostly stay indoors with my luxuries of technology..? I guess that's a goal I can work on in coming years! The times I've had a vegetable garden, I felt the changing of the seasons at this time of year a little more than usual, but even then, this is known as The First Harvest. I was harvesting stuff looong before August 1st (or whenever the astronomical [astrological?] 15 degrees Leo is) here in Virginia.

So, what's a girl to do to make the holiday seem, well, holiday-y?

I have never made a loaf of bread with my own hands. I could do that. Not this year, but maybe next year. :)

I could eat freshly baked bread with local honey. If I had any local honey. Or freshly baked bread. Whomp whomp.

I already have listened to this song like a madwoman (and you should too!):

Story time! When Kellianna was making this album, she had a Kickstarter-like project and of course I backed it because, well, I was going to buy the album anyway! So now I have a signed copy that I treasure and display prominently on my bookshelf like a big ol' nerd.

I try to really only listen to this song around this time of  year. Mainly because it's one of the few songs for Lughnasadh! but also because it ends up getting stuck in my head for a week straight, and then I keep re-listening in an attempt to get it out of my head, which prolongs the duration it's stuck in my head. I guess I should have warned you of that before I told you to listen. Sorry, not sorry! ;)

An easy thing to do to celebrate, and a "duhhh!" thing at that: Get outside. Check out what nature's up to these days. I did this and came back indoors with the attitude of I LOVE ALL THE THINGS. The sky, the horses, the fields of corn and whatever the heck other crops are growing in my area, the green still lush all around here. Heck, I even love the lizard that tried to get into my garage. Shoo, leezurd, you don't belong in there! In my area of the world, it seems that butterflies are emerging and in learning to fly, they act totally drunk. Hey... Drunk Butterflies would be a cool name for a band (so says Trent Lane).

So, I tried going introspective with it. I attempted to answer the questions Joanna Devoe posted on her blog, but realized I haven't really "planted" anything to "harvest" this year. Foo. But it's a good blog post that definitely made me think, and could incorporate into my Wheel of the Year planning in the future.

A big task I could try eventually is to learn wheat weaving. I have this random memory of doing this at some point long, long ago, but I couldn't tell you where or when or how. Selena Fox has posted pictures of her wheat weaving collection on Facebook and I'm just so drawn to them.

Another activity I actually managed to do was to post some stuff to my Lughnasadh board on Pinterest. Yay, pretty pictures of pretty things! Pinterest is the new Vision Board, dontchaknow.

So, all in all, I'm still a little "meh" about this cross-quarter holiday, trying to figure out what it really means to me. Maybe I'm not supposed to know yet. Maybe I'll figure it out someday. Maybe I never will. *throws hands in the air* Who knows!

I think that about sums it up. Maybe this one's just about the food for me. :)