Friday, August 2, 2013

Boing, boing, boing

This song has been floating in my brainspace since I heard it on the radio recently:

...and the video is delightful! There's something about that song that makes me unable to be in a poopy mood while it's playing. So naturally:

Today is day #2 of Effy's Blogalong in August! Weeee! If you haven't read her post today, get your butt over to her blog and read it because it's uh-may-zing.

EverQuest Next premiered at SOE Live today, and holy moly. I haven't played EverQuest in many, MANY years, but it still made me intrigued enough that I forsee myself spending many hours back in Norrath.

In other gaming news, this article is pretty sweet. It demonstrates the Kinect's ability to recognize and translate sign language. I love living in the future! There's a short video showing it's capability and I'm just continually fascinated with the ability of gaming peripherals to be used in ways that could genuinely help people.

Both yesterday and today I've been in a very floaty, loopy brainspace that's making it hard to output well in writing. Or talking. Or anything, really!

Nightnight :)


  1. Ya know, we all need those "floaty, loopy brainspace" days now and then. I say embrace it while it lasts!

  2. LOLOL! that last image!!! Love it.