Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feeling more like Pinky, less like Brain

AUGH, WHAT?! I totally blanked on blogging yesterday! Nooooooooooooooo!

At least yesterday was a productive day! Ian helped me go through a ton of stuff cluttering up one of the rooms in our house and sort it into "action item" piles so I know what to do with the stuff instead of having it be one giant pile of things sprawled across a room. Yay! I don't feel like I have as much -stuff- when everything has a home.

Pretty much how I declutter... or buy things.


Every month, in World of Warcraft, there is an event called the Darkmoon Faire that allows players to get a buff to get extra experience. I like to level my alliance baby draenei warrior during this time, who is guilded with Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak-US. I've had a lot of fun also creating new transmog outfits quite often because gear upgrades are plentiful when you're leveling super fast! Here are my two most recent outfits:

Alliance and not happy about it!

Even WoW characters can ruin a good screenshot by blinking.

She's up to level 77 now! Not only is she the first melee class I've leveled this high, but the first alliance I've leveled this high! But of course, now that I'm getting into content with more challenging mechanics and thinking about raiding as a tank, I get just a little terrified. Maybe I'll switch to DPS down the line... I think I've only been enjoying tanking because Ian's such a good healer and can keep me alive while I mash buttons. (Yes, WoW friends, Ian is playing a healer... and I'm tanking... *picks your jaw up off floor*)

The other reason I have been enjoying playing her is in part due to my finally getting more into WoW lore and reading Rise of the Horde. I'm about halfway through and savoring every chapter, letting it simmer in my imagination after reading the words. It starts with some history of the eredar who will eventually become the draenei, and explains a lot more than I ever got about them than I did running around the starting zone. Yay, reading! Yay, books based on video games!

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  1. I love your NOOOOOO button! Ha that made me laugh! I can totally relate to your ecard too!