Monday, March 17, 2014

On Joy

Today's Truth Bomb from Danielle LaPorte says, "Speak of your joy. Often."

A couple things that popped into my head upon reading this: Daffodils. Hellebores. Coffee. Video games. Friends on Twitter and Facebook. Art journalling and Effy Wild's classes. Inspiring YouTubers and fun podcasters. Pokemon on Netflix. Incense. And New Age Shops!

And so, I want to share this little candle with you that I purchased recently.


A little backstory: On my to-do list for quite awhile was the task to pick up some frankincense resin and a charcoal incense setup, since I've usually only burned incense sticks. My dear friend, Effy recommended the actual resin tears - okay I want to call them blobs, they look like blobs! - so I avoided buying any frankincense till I found those since I'm trying to spend money wisely these days.

Another thing on my to-do list was to check out this store in town that I kept seeing in the Williamsburg Magazine, which is one of those freebie publications you can pick up around town that are generally meant for tourists but I find quite useful. The store is called Stick Stone & Bone and from the advertisements, I got the feeling that it might be a metaphysical or new age shop, even though it wasn't explicitly stated as such.

Ad from Williamsburg Magazine

I can't blame them - in the conservative little town of Williamsburg, a "gift shop" would probably go over better than a new age shop. I had some extra time the other day between errands and I know their hours are a little wonky compared to my schedule lately, so I decided it'd be a perfect time to try checking a couple things off my to-do list with one stop.

When I went in and saw the kinds of things they sell and the atmosphere of the store, I knew it was my kind of store. The owner, Linda, was super friendly, answered all of my questions, and didn't make me feel weird or uncomfortable at all. I told her I was looking for frankinsence and she not only showed me the options they had and where they were in the store, but when I told her I was new to the whole charcoal burning thing, she explained to me how to do it! In such detail that I was able to figure it out on my own once I got home, woohoo!

I thought the prices were super reasonable. I picked up two bags of loose incense for $2 each, and the reiki charged JOY candle for a little under $3. Honestly, I would have bought this candle no matter what it rang up as, because it smells SO GOOD!!! It came with a little paper that says it has the essential oils of plumeria, jasmine, and sandalwood in it, which I must like because I want to eat it but eating candles is bad so yeah.

The little paper that came with the candle.

So this is how Danielle LaPorte's Truth Bomb ties in - I'm sharing the JOY candle, along with the joy of finding a new age shop in my area! WOOT! I had this thing on my nightstand and every night as I'd fall asleep, I'd think, oh gosh it smells so good, I can't wait to burn it in the morning! and then I'd wake up and get busy and forget, until the night as I smelled it again as I was falling asleep. Sheesh. ^_^  But today, it's burning and I am so happy!

From what I gather, Stick Stone & Bone was set up in New York, but since the owner is relocating to Williamsburg, she's set up the shop here - and I am so grateful to have a store where I don't have to travel to Newport News, Norfolk, or Richmond to spend mah moneys on shinies!

I also wanted to share this store with you because I know metaphysical shops are stereotypically difficult to keep open. There is no website yet for Stick Stone & Bone. It's on Richmond Road between Saigon Pearl and Ripley's Believe it or Not, nestled back in the corner. If you find yourself in the area, take a moment to pop in to Stick Stone & Bone. It's a small store, but the prices are very reasonable for the beautiful things they sell. They have stones, incense, candles!, tarot cards, pendulums, books, essential oils, and jewelry that all caught my eye.

I've noticed that the things I purchase when I'm on vacation end up meaning more to me, because they bring back memories of the trip along with whatever purpose the doodads actually serve, so this is a perfect place to hit up if you're vacationing in Williamsburg to take a little magic home with you.

Let me know if you check it out, what you think of it, and what you bought! I'm looking forward to going back and hope all my friends find joy in this new store as well!