Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Williamsburg Wednesday

Hi friends! :D

I'd like to write about my current town for you: Williamsburg, Virginia.

Before I moved here, I had visited once as a child. I've been living here about 7-8 years now and realize the tourist idea of Williamsburg is a lot different than the reality of living here! But I had noooo idea before moving here what the differences could have even been.

So, I'm opening up the forum for you to ask me questions about the area. What do you want to know about Williamsburg?

I'll start off by telling you the biggest secret I've learned about living here: Williamsburg is a small town, spread over a big area. Once you've lived here awhile, it's hard to get away with going somewhere and not seeing someone you know. Forget getting away with going to Walmart in your PJs because there's a 90% chance you'll run into someone, even if you're just going in for one thing! However, even though it's a small town and everyone knows someone that knows someone else that turns into the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, it still takes a half hour (or more!) to get from one side of Williamsburg to the other. The area stretches from York County, to the City of Williamsburg, through James City County, and I'd even say some of the other outlying counties can be thrown in there too just because a lot of people commute for jobs so the community overlaps. We're smooshed between the Newport News area and the Richmond area, which makes it so pretty much anything fun to do requires a bit of travel one way or the other. But, one benefit to the area is that it's really hard to get lost: there are so many roads and side roads and backroads that all lead to the same place, or lead to some main road that will have plenty of signs to someplace familiar. While there's an area of town called Confusion Corner due to the "ahhhhhh where am I going?!" reactions once you get there, it's not like you're stuck going 20 miles down a road without any turn-offs if you get turned around. This pleases me, since I can get lost pretty easily if I'm not careful! But, when you're visiting, it can make things really confusing because you can ask how to get somewhere and get directions on 10 different ways to get to one place.

Here's a video about Confusion Corner that I found pretty amusing. This is just one little intersection in the Colonial Williamsburg area of town, but it's the intersection of a bunch of main roads and in between buildings for William & Mary college and the Merchant's Square shopping area, so it can get pretty busy!

Alrighty folks, ask away! I'd love to try to answer your questions and share my experiences with you about living in this beautiful little spot of the world. :)  More on this topic next week! :D

Peace and love,
~ Cara

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