Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#thisisathing Tuesday!

Welcome to the first #thisisathing Tuesday, where I feature something I've seen recently that strikes me as remarkable that it actually exists. 

Today's exhibit:
Yup. This is a thing.

I've never understood the appeal for Chicken and Waffles. However, if I was going to put that flavor in my mouth, I'd make the recipe Carla Hall demonstrated on The Chew because it looks way more amazing than any kind of potato chip flavoring ever could be.

What do you think? Would you buy any of these funky potato chip flavors? Do you like chicken and waffles? Can you believe this is actually a thing?!

If you find anything out there in the wilds of Real Life that you think is as entertaining that it actually is a thing, use the hashtag on Twitter #thisisathing and tweet me @xandara! I'd love to see what random things you come across that amuse you. Or, comment on this post! :D

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