Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Robots don't say 'ye'."

Gotta love some Futurama reruns. Wait, are they still called reruns when you're watching them for the 50th time via Netflix streaming?!

WELP, here's to a new bloggy start! As much as I wanted to embody my "try sometimes" mentality, getting the flu and feeling like death was a good motivator to give up things that aren't working and go back to what works for me. And that is some good ol' stream-of-consciousness journalling!

So, why "Lootin' Shinies!"? It's totally a World of Warcraft reference. Nowadays, you see a dead mob with sparkles, loot it, and it loots every mob around you. But back in my day *clanks cane on floor* we had to click on every single mob to loot it. Uphill. Both ways. YEAH. And, well, I'm convinced I'm the person they developed the new one-click loot for, 'cos I would always be so far behind the group because... I had to loot every last shiny mob!


So, I'm thinking I can apply that to life in general and share with you the shinies I "loot" as I go about my days. There is so much interesting content on the internet that I have bee craving a place to corral it all that doesn't spam up my social media feeds. Wee!

Till next time, peace and love!
~ Cara

"And Fry, you have that brain thing!"
"I already did!"