Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cara's Picks from Around the Web, 1/12/2013

Need some reading material? Here are five sites that I found interesting that you may, too!

10,000 Year, Subterranean Clock Will Transform Our View of Time and Technology ~ What an amazing project! Seeing pictures of Earth from space makes me feel small physically. This gives me a similar feeling, time-wise.

12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet ~ How cool! I always wondered about that darn long s. And suddenly, my mind is blown when I think of all the places called Ye Olde whatevers. :O

Awkward Speed Dating Moment Rescued by World of Warcraft ~ This is pretty much what happens every time two people find out in person that they both play WoW. If you know that Method is a top guild, you will get why this girl's eyes lit up. He's like a rock star after saying that!

The Saving Power of Waiting 24 Hours ~ This is such great advice. I started taking pictures of things in stores I am iffy about buying an pondering over them till the next time I go out. If I want it bad enough, I'll make an extra effort to go out to buy it. Otherwise I just wanted it cos it was a shiny doodad in my presence. :X

Oh, this? Just some teenage girls from Africa who invented a urine-powered generator. ~ The future of power? Why has no one thought of this before?! This is awesome!

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~ Cara

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  1. Neat!

    That long s is pronounced the exact same way as the eszett in German (the ß character.)