Monday, November 19, 2012

Less Contacts, More Friends

The internet tells us simply adding another's profile to our list of connections is what makes a friend. But how many of those contacts would you feel comfortable calling on in a time of need? How many deep conversations do you have with these people on a regular basis? Challenge yourself today to have less contacts and more friends by turning these acquaintances into meaningful relationships. But start small - if you try to go deep with 100 people at once when you've barely said hi to one all week, you may end up spread too thin and entirely drained. The point is quality, not quantity.

As the awesome Gabrielle Bernstein says, when she is feeling down, she asks someone how she can help them. This could be a good start to developing a better connection with someone. You could also ask them to tell you about something good in their life, something that makes them smile or has them excited. Lift each other up by sharing the positive so that you can also lift each other up through the negative because that is the practice you've developed.

See the good in everyone. Trust as if they are already a true friend. Forgive and delete if they prove not to be. Give your time to the ones that lift you up, not continually bring you down. Pay no mind to haters. Don't feed the trolls. And in adding a friend, ask yourself if they may truly be a friend, or just another contact on the list.

May your day be filled with love, and the courage and ability to create and share it!
~ Cara

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