Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cara's Morning Musings, Nov. 15th 2012

The cats and I were startled by a noise this morning that I soon determined, by a visual out the window, to be squirrels running around like crazy on our roof.

If tiny little squirrel feet make that much noise, how in the world do people not wake up to Santa's reindeer tromping over their heads? ;)

I'm officially declaring it the cold season of the year. After adding another blanket to the bed, our dogwood tree having just a few red leaves hanging on the bare branches, and cold coffee losing it's appeal... yup, it's time to settle in and hibernate. Or in my case, put on a zillion layers and be so happy I'm not gonna get skin cancer just from walking outside in the 100+ degree weather! Yippie!

I think, the older I get, the more I'm enjoying fall and winter and the natural slowing down of things. Well, as long as I ignore the holiday sales ads trying to blare consumerism into my head, of course. Even that, the feeling of needing to buy something, has been dying down inside me. I just have no desire to buy things anymore. I debate probably too much before making purchases, and lately everything I want is either food-oriented or towards fixing up the house anyway. If only I could win the Battle of the Tension with my sewing machine, new clothes wouldn't even hold much desire for me, either. I can't help but wonder if reading Almost Amish (checked out from my local library's eBook selection) has been bringing out that aspect of my genes, of the PA Dutch mentalities I grew up with.

May your day be filled with blessings!
~ Cara

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