Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh so Pinteresting..!

I have recently become utterly addicted to Pinterest. I feared that would happen, which is why I avoided joining the site for so long. But now that I'm there, it's a haven for inspiration!!!

This caught my eye on Pinterest and with a bag of pre-made Trader Joe's pizza dough in the fridge, I knew we had to give it a whirl. Or a twist. (Get it? They're twisted breadsticks! harharhar)

With Ian's help, and a bit of trial-and-error, we made it work well enough to have some tasty breadsticks. They look normal from this angle, but...

...we needed to use less dough per skewer, because they sagged as they baked and the saggy parts were still a bit doughy once they came out of the oven. Ah well! Note the saggy baggy elephant lumps from this angle. Ah, gravity.

The Purple Chocolat Home recipe was a guide, since we were using pre-made pizza dough anyway. Towards the end of cooking, we spooned over some melted butter with spices in it and put them back in the oven to brown. Then we dipped them in some warmed up leftover marinara pasta sauce and it made a great, quick, easy meal... snack... thing. YEAH.

So... I'll call it a half-success, because they were edible and tasted good. But next time we'll definitely make them skinnier since we're using skewers and not big dowels like in the inspiration. I prefer the dough to be crunchy and flaky moreso than doughy so using less dough per skewer should help them firm up, too.

It's a good alternative to making homemade pizza if you are low on toppings, or out of cheese, or just feel like something a little different. Or, if you're nerdy like us, something easier to eat at the computer. ;)

Your turn! Tell me: What was the first thing you tried off of Pinterest? Did it work? Or are you one of my readers who is still wondering "WTH is this Pinterest thing?!" ;D

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~ Cara

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