Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

Time for a happy Friday brain dump! Straight from the brain of Cara... random thoughts!

 I finished reading this book today!

It's so heartbreakingly cute when I feed the cats downstairs, come upstairs, and when they're done eating, they start to yowl and cry as if to say, "mamaaa, where did you go?!" Once I yell back, "Kitty! Butters!" they stop and run upstairs. Silly cats!

I'm really enjoying using Bloglovin' as my replacement for Google Reader. The iOS app on my iPod Touch -and- the web interface are really nice. My only complaint is that some of my RSS feeds didn't transfer, and some others don't seem to be on Bloglovin'. I'm sure I'll find a solution before Google Reader eats it, but Bloglovin' is winning me over so far!

I'm at the point in my life where I only want to be surrounded by things that are functional or beautiful. If they're both, even better! In addition, I only want to purchase foods to eat that are tasty, good quality, or the combo of the two. I can understand, after a recent jaunt to Whole Foods, why people call it Whole Paycheck. But their whoopie pies are absolutely scrumptious and only $1.50 each. A small price to pay for a dessert so rich even -I- couldn't finish it in one sitting.

An invention I want: something that fixes the problem of it taking hours to dry a pillow completely in the dryer so I don't have to fear it getting ucky somehow from potentially being only half dry. Quick-dry pillow stuffing? *shrug* I have no idea. But that's my little irk of the day... the fact that it takes all day and holds up the washer and dryer to wash a few pillows.

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